Infinity Gathered

Infinity Gathered is an art collective which has its orgins in Washington DC, but is now international with a strong contingency near San Francisco. The team combines architecture, technology, research, interactivity, and innovation to create engaging experiences. This often leads to large-scale public installations and site-specific sculptures. It is through teamwork, volunteerism, and dedication that we continue to create spaces that inspire, heal, and instill a sense of wonder.

The collective was founded in 2011 by Michael Verdon. Infinity Gathered has since grown and includes the extremely talented work of Wil Alyn, Rob Pryor, Ryan Seeley, Jenn Richter, Emily Dalphy, Mathew Gilbuena, Shannon Pistole, Doug Taphouse, James Noel, Bill Pugh, Jeremy Cohen, Lynn Fisk, Lake Wong, and other makers and creatives.

The name, Infinity Gathered, is only possible in concept. It is our upward reaching ideal for our community - ever growing and learning. We seek to grow as idividuals and as a team to create and discover something new.