We Rise : A Flight of Peace

This body of work will encourage peace-building through creativity, learning, and community efforts across the country. We are partnering with schools, educators, and communities. There are workshops focused on empathy, forgiveness, and compromise. Participants will be engaged in group discussions and then asked to paint what that means to them.

We will create a mobile Art Studio from a 37' transit-style bus, titled "The Dove." It will act as a mode of transport for the “Outreach Team” whose mission it will be to travel the country and go where invited to teach these workshops with emphasis on middle schools.

This program will reach approximately 125,000 children across the country in 1 year. Our team of 14 will be able to have interactive lecture (90 minutes), mediation workshop (60 minutes), and creative discovery (60 minutes) to 300 students per overlapping 4 hour blocks (up to 900 in an 8 hour day, average 600 per day).

The canvas students use for the creative discovery portion will be an 1’ wide by 2’ long piece of red or blue paper. The medium will be milk paint, charcoal, and graphite. These papers will then be wheat-pasted onto 5/8" plywood (called "scales")

These scales will then be applied to the sculpture “We Rise.” This sculpture will be submitted as the Temple for Burning Man in 2018.

The sculpture will be mapped by computer on-site in Black Rock City and viewable online with virtual simulation after the event. The video of the burn ceremony will also be broadcast in real time.

Education is an important element of this work. This project includes partnerships with George Mason University and University of Maryland. We look forward to building new partnerships with additional educational institutions.

During the outreach team's voyage, we will be gathering research data as outlined by our team. This research will be well documented for release to the public post-flight. There will be a website established for this project in the upcoming year.