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 Infinity Gathered, led by Michael Verdon, is working hard to bring the "Chapel of the Chimes" to Black Rock City and we need your support! The Chapel of the Chimes is a sacred space created from other sacred spaces. This installation includes the tablets from the Smithsonian's American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery's David Best Temple that was open to the public during their "No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man" exhibit, and parts of Temples from 3 Catharsis on the Mall vigils. These pieces have been publicly installed and touched by so many; they are coming home to where this tradition was reignited!

Bridging the gap between Black Rock City and its adjacent lands felt increasingly important, and, in 2015, our team built and burned a Temple at a public university in Fairfax, VA. Later that same year, we built and burnt a Temple at "Catharsis on the Mall", a Burning Man-inspired event focused on healing and community that is free to the public and inclusive of everyone that is held on the National Mall - across the street from the White House!

We need your support to do modifcations, reinforcements, transport, adding new sections just for Black Rock City, lights, electricity, equipment rental, and more. We must also build special containers for the tablets from the Smithsonian's American Art Museum's exhibit to be burned in. It is with reverence, respect, and love we bring this installation to Black Rock. It is an honor.

The team consists of an ever growing number of artists and builders from across the globe. Our crew has worked on numerous projects over the years in Black Rock and beyond, but the creation of sacred spaces always brings us back. It is a beautiful experience to share; and, as it can facilitate transformation in us, we hope can transform you.

We are metamorphosing these parts from caterpillar into butterfly in this last flight from DC to Black Rock City. We bring with it hundreds of thousands of prayers and wishes that need to be burned, transformed, and put to rest.